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Butrint is described as a microcosm of the Albanian history.

  • The legends

    Part of the history of the ancient town, are the different legends sent to us by Homer and Virgil.

  • The earliest population of Butrint

    he earliest testimony for the population of Butrint is dated the 12th century B.C., but the first dwellings flourished after the 8th century B.C

  • The cult of Asclepius at Butrint

    Throughout much of its ancient history, Butrint functioned as a religious center dedicated to Asclepius, the god of healing.

Eksplore Butrint
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PButrint National Park is one of the most important areas of our cultural, archaeological, environmental, and touristy heritage of the country. The heart of the National Park is the ancient city of Butrint, the existing of which is continuous from the prehistoric times to the middle Ages, offering a variety of cultures and historic periods.

Monuments & Habitats Castle & Muzeum

Butrint Monuments

Venetian Tower
Temple of Asclepius
The theatre
Trikonka Palace
The Baptistery
The Great Basilica
The Lake (Scaean) Gate
The Lion Gate
The well of Junia Rufina

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Butrint, a mosaic activities

The last days antic town of Butrint was the place where were organized many cultural and promotional activities. One of these activities was the presentation of the rehabilitation of Ali Pasha Tepelena fortress project, at the entrance of the Vivar C [...]


Natural heritage of National Park of Butrint

Archeological ruins of Butrint are known worldwide but natural assets and values of the park have been in obscurity. It is organized close to National Park of Butrint, the meeting of environmental experts of the project "Dinaric Parks" with 30 local [...]

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The inscriptions of the theater clearly show that, unlike the Greek world, here the woman played a special role, because there were the women who had the right to inherit the property, which was not the case in Greece. There were the women who issued the slave relief license, which was a unique thing in antiquity.