The park is open :At 8:00 to 19:30

Natural heritage of National Park of Butrint


Archeological ruins of Butrint are known worldwide but natural assets and values of the park have been in obscurity. It is organized close to National Park of Butrint, the meeting of environmental experts of the project “Dinaric Parks” with 30 local representatives of the forest management, central government, municipalities, tourism businesses, archaeologists, and representatives of civil society which work in support of the environment, scholars, members of the hunting association and water management.

Today’s meeting for the assessment of the benefits through methodology of WWF has a special importance for the recognition of the current situation in this elite mark of Albania.

Contribution of participants helped in accurate identification of the multilateral which come from the diversity of wildlife in Butrint lake and especially from the Vivar Canal, exploitation of water resources for fishing and archeological tourism. Intertwining of archeological values to natural monuments of the park, was described as a unique heritage, which carve the profile of Butrint park. Meanwhile the function of Management Committee of the Butrint park assets and the pressure of tourist industry to further build in Ksamil were raised as major problems from the local participants.